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Getwid Review: 40+ Free Blocks for the WordPress Editor

If you’re using the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg), one of the great things is [...]

10 of the Best Plugins for Extending the Block Editor

The Block Editor has made online publishing easier for WordPress users of all skill levels. [...]

How to Quickly Build New WordPress Sites With Gutenberg and CoBlocks

WordPress is a user-friendly platform that enables fairly streamlined site-building and content creation. However, adding [...]

How to Choose a Page Builder for Your WordPress Site (And Why They’re Still Relevant)

For a while now, page builders have been the solution of choice for building good-looking [...]

What Should You Recommend Clients Use – A Page Builder or the Block Editor?

There’s been enough talk lately about how to create content within WordPress that it warrants [...]

9 Projects for 2019: A Look at WordPress’ Priorities for the New Year

The WordPress community is many things, but one’s for certain – there’s never a lack [...]

WordPress’ New Block Editor: How to Inform Your Clients

WordPress 5.0 is now live, which means the new block-based editor is now a fully-fledged [...]

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