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How to Quickly Change (Or Reset) WordPress Passwords

If you need to change your WordPress password, you might be panicking. You’ve lost access [...]

How to Use WebP Images on WordPress (And Shrink Image File Sizes up to 35%)

If you want to speed up your WordPress site, finding ways to reduce the size [...]

How to Use WebP Images on WordPress (And Shrink Image File Sizes up to 35%)

If you want to speed up your WordPress site, finding ways to reduce the size [...]

How to Stop WordPress Registration Spam (Plugins and Tactics)

Trying to stop WordPress registration spam at your site? Try a free demo Because of [...]

Recommended WordPress Multisite Plugins (Network Management, Migrations, and Backups)

Performing backups and migrations with basic WordPress sites are pretty straightforward nowadays. There are thousands [...]

The Complete Guide to the WordPress Media Library (4 Handy Media Library Hacks Included)

Images and other media files are an important part of any WordPress website. To use [...]

4 Easy Ways to Add Google Analytics to WordPress (Using Plugins vs Adding Code Manually)

Many WordPress users struggle when it comes to connecting Google Analytics to their WordPress site [...]

How to Stop WordPress Spam Comments (Built-In Features, Spam Plugins, Captcha, and WAF)

We all love WordPress, but one frustrating thing with the platform out of the box [...]

WordPress Debug: A Complete Guide (Plus Other Helpful Tools)

In a perfect world, you’d never have a single issue that required debugging. But in [...]

WordPress Redirect Best Practices to Maximize SEO and Page Speed

When you’re redesigning a website or updating old content, changes to your URL structures are [...]

How to Add Schema Markup to WordPress and WooCommerce Sites (SEO Plugins vs Manually)

Schema markup can give your SEO a boost, providing additional data to search engines as [...]

How to Improve Website Navigation (With Examples and Reasons on Why You Should Do It)

Website navigation is something that many create as an after-thought after pages and content. In a [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing and Troubleshooting the Most Common WordPress Errors

WordPress errors on your site are no joke. While some may cause only minor inconveniences, [...]

How to Do a WordPress Migration on Your Own (with No Downtime)

Migrating a WordPress site is something you may have to do at some point. Maybe [...]

How to Downgrade Your WordPress Site (For Troubleshooting Plugin and Theme Issues)

Running your WordPress installation, plugins, and theme on the latest available versions is a crucial [...]

How to Choose the Right SMTP Port (Port 25, 587, 465, or 2525)

Struggling to find out the right SMTP port to use? Been there, done that! If [...]

Everything You Need to Start a Podcast Using WordPress (And Grow Your Reach)

With industry advertising revenue forecasted to exceed $1B by 2021 and an estimated 62 million people [...]

How to Disable Comments in WordPress (And Why You Might Want To)

The WordPress comments system can be a valuable feature. Letting visitors leave comments on your [...]

How to Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources on WordPress (CSS + JavaScript)

If you’ve ever run your WordPress site through Google PageSpeed Insights, Google has probably told [...]

How to Add Meta Descriptions in WordPress (Improve Click-Through Rate up to 5.8%)

If you’re not adding meta descriptions to your website, you’re missing out on a big [...]

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