Best WordPress Plugins and Themes

11 Handy WordPress Map Plugin Options to Choose in 2020 (Free + Premium)

From listing locations to revealing a unique product map only relevant to your brand, the [...]

9 Powerful WordPress Survey Plugins to Collect User Feedback (And 4 Survey Builders)

Placing a survey on your website seems easy enough. Until you’re faced with the wide [...]

Top 13 WordPress Project Management Plugins and Tools to Use in 2020

Project management involves planning, organization, and discipline to follow procedures and policies to ensure teams [...]

15 Easy-To-Use yet Powerful WordPress Download Manager Plugins

WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging or hosting a website. However, it has evolved into [...]

17 WordPress Membership Themes to Spruce Up Your Community-Driven Business

Think of how many memberships you currently have. From gyms to Netflix, memberships are the [...]

11 Fastest WordPress Themes in 2020 (Based on Thorough Testing)

Finding the fastest WordPress theme feels like a fool’s errand. Are you to test every [...]

24 WordPress Membership Plugins to Capture Recurring Revenue

Can you make money online? Sure. Is it easy? Not exactly. However, one of the [...]

14 WordPress CRM Plugins to Supercharge Your Business in 2020

True customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you understand your customers and engage with them [...]

14 Best WordPress Database Plugins (Clean and Optimize Your DB)

A website is only as good as its database. Everything from comments, posts, user information [...]

16 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins (Compared With Examples)

Pretty much every website uses images and WordPress photo gallery plugins make it easy to [...]

15 Best WordPress Events Plugin for Better Event Management (Calendars, Ticketing, RSVPs)

If you’ve ever tried to install a calendar plugin you know that it’s not exactly [...]

How to Set Up Autoptimize for Your WordPress Site

Autoptimize is a free WordPress optimization plugin. In addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript optimization, [...]

23 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Further Improve Your Store’s Built-In Functionality

WordPress is different from other platforms like Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce which have all online [...]

10 Free HTML Editors on the Market for WordPress Developers and Advanced Users

Are you planning on editing WordPress files regularly or creating your own custom plugins and [...]

36 Best WooCommerce Themes to Dress Up Your Ecommerce Site in 2020

We all know and love WordPress for its blogging capabilities. But what about turning a [...]

9 Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins (Move Your Site Safely)

Is it time for you to break up with your current hosting company? Sometimes you [...]

10 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Level Up Your Social Strategy

“You need to get on Facebook”. How many times have you heard that about your [...]

10 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins to Power Up Your Site

Sometimes a school needs to register students online for a field trip, a business owner [...]

12 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugin Options to Showcase Your Work

What’s a professional photographer without a portfolio? What about an artist, agency, or freelance writer? [...]

How to Improve Your Client Communication with WP Feedback

At WP FeedBack we are very familiar with how interacting with clients can get messy: [...]

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