How to Set Different Prices for Product Variations in WooCommerce

When it comes to selling product variations, you may be looking to have more than [...]

How to Reduce Shipping Costs Based on WooCommerce Shipping Classes

As you may know, there are many types of products sold on an eCommerce site, [...]

7 Simple Elements to Set Up Your LearnDash E-learning Site and Keep Users Hooked

If you want to start an e-Learning website, there can’t be a better platform than [...]

5 Tips for Effectively Translating Your LearnDash Courses

Here is the smiling emoji –  ‘ : ) ‘. The unmistakable symbol of a [...]

Responsive Images in WordPress in 2020: What You Need to Know

WordPress is a popular content management system that enables you to design sites without using [...]

A New Way to Learn from WordPress All-Stars: The Experts Corner

Freemius launches Experts Corner, a free video series that features top experts in the WordPress [...]

How to Run and Sell CRO Campaigns for WooCommerce Shops

If you’re building WooCommerce-based shops for your clients or run your own webshops, you need [...]

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WordPress and WooCommerce Multisites: An Overview

WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce Multisite are powerful pieces of software that you can use in [...]

10 Reasons Why WordPress is a Great Option for eCommerce

If you are already running a business or want to start one, then you are [...]

15 Best Practices for Pricing Pages to Ensure Higher Conversion Rates

A pricing page is an independent page on a website that gives more information about [...]

5 Ways To Increase Your WooCommerce Store’s Revenue

We all know that building an online store can be an incredibly rewarding experience. From [...]

Top Security Hazards of File Upload and How to Prevent Them

Image Source File uploads are necessary for any business. You use them for services, applications, [...]

Beginners Guide to Backlinks – Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Search Rankings

If you want your site to rank high on search engines, you need to take [...]

Turn Your Salon Site into a Booking Platform

Retail services such as salons can benefit hugely from using automated online booking systems. Not [...]

WP FeedBack – A New Home for the WordPress Community

As I’ve become more and more embedded in the WordPress community over the last year, [...]

Making Friends With Google Using WordPress Themes Like Netflix

The history of the film takes us back to the past centuries, as the first [...]

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