In this article, we are going to introduce 10 best WordPress event calendar plugins for creating and managing events on your website.

This final version at your hands, is by far the most comprehensive article to learn, compare and choose the best WordPress event calendar for your website. The present article’s been written and prepared after a lot of precise research and explorations on WordPress event calendar topic and surely, if you want to choose the right event calendar plugin for your WordPress website, this article has all the information for that and you won’t be needing any other sources to come to a conclusion.
Also, If you have a WordPress website and you need to display, sell and manage your events on it, or maybe you need your users to register in your events, then you’ve come to the right place and this article helps you find the best calendar plugin right away.

1. Modern Events Calendar

The first item we would like to review in our best event calendar plugins list is the Modern Events Calendar which of course is one of the best WordPress plugins in managing events.
It offers a comprehensive set of features a WordPress event calendar must have. However, most importantly is the way it displays the events and for sure its awesome interface design.

2. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar plugin is an event creation and management plugin on WordPress, which also has a free version ready for download. Modern Tribe is the team behind the Events Calendar and they have made every effort to appeal to all tastes.
3. EventOn
Yet another great premium WordPress event calendar is EventOn the #1 best seller Event Calendar WP Plugin on codecanyon. The most prominent feature of EventOn plugin is its minimal design language.
EventOn most of all has a minimalistic design and also having great looks.
It offers different choices to the users for creating events and more interestingly it has a shortcode generator as well.
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