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3 Examples of Online Loyalty Programs to Inspire Yours

Most businesses rely on customers spending money not once, but as many times as possible. [...]

How to Create a Lifestyle Blog With WordPress (In 5 Steps)

Although it seems simple enough on the surface, there’s a lot that goes into creating [...]

How to Fix the HTTP Error When Uploading Images to WordPress

It’s hard to have a successful website without visual content. Any page you visit likely [...]

3 Reasons Developers Should Consider Open-Source Projects

It’s easy to take open-source projects such as WordPress for granted. However, these platforms rely [...]

Where to Buy Premium Themes for WordPress: 7 Quality Online Marketplaces

While there are many free WordPress themes available, there’s no denying that some sites demand [...]

What is a Sidebar and Do You Need One on Your Blog?

When you think about a typical website’s layout, there’s a strong chance you include a [...]

Why Having a Secondary Backup Is a Good Idea (And How to Create One)

There’s a common saying that ‘anything worth doing is worth doing twice.’ That’s certainly true [...]

How to Use a Heatmap to Improve Your Website’s Overall Quality

Heatmaps can be extremely useful tools. They enable you to track user behavior on your [...]

6 Top Email Marketing Platforms That Integrate With WordPress

When you consider the prevalence of social media and the speed with which it can [...]

How to Prevent Spam On Your WordPress Site (And Why It Matters)

No matter what type of site you’ve created with WordPress, enabling users to add their [...]

A Guide to Using the Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin

Google is everywhere. Most of us use the search engine every day, multiple times. If you’re a [...]

Link Whisper vs Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Which Is Best for Internal Linking?

Internal linking is a smart strategy for improving your WordPress site. However, choosing between the [...]

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How to Schedule Blog Post Revisions in WordPress

Even the best blog content eventually runs out of steam. Facts grow outdated, instructions become [...]

PublishPress Content Calendar and Notifications: An Overview and Review

At any given time, you should know precisely what your next blog post will be. [...]

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