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4 Tools to See What Software a Website Was Built With (And Why You’d Want To)

At some point, we’ve all looked at a website and wondered how it’s been put [...]

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AutomatorWP: How to Automate Nearly Everything in WordPress

Plugins and integrations are a big part of what makes WordPress such a powerful system. [...]

How to See Old Versions of Websites (And Why You’d Want To)

The web moves at a breakneck pace. Websites get updates and redesigns all the time. [...]

What Is an Alt Tag and How Should You Use It?

Images help to make your website engaging and visually appealing. However, if you don’t optimize [...]

The Best Project Management Software for Your Tasks & Teams

Having project management software in place to help your team meet key deadlines is vital [...]

2020 WordPress Maintenance Survey Results Part 2: Challenges and Outsourcing

Offering WordPress maintenance services is a logical step for many web professionals. However, starting and [...]

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