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A Simple Guide to Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages

Content marketing isn’t a new concept. Marketing professionals use this strategy to grow engagement and [...]

What is an IP Address? Everything You Need to Know

As you probably know, your computer has an IP address virtually attached to it. But [...]

Guest Post Requests: When and How to Accept them for Your Blog

When you’re relatively new, it’s easy to become excited that someone–anyone–wants to contribute to your [...]

How to Avoid Getting Scammed as a New Freelancer

Every new freelancer needs to know how to avoid getting scammed when looking for work [...]

What is Rel=”Noopener” and How Do You Use It with WordPress?

When building and maintaining websites, we always have to take into consideration the security of [...]

The Importance of Personal Branding as a Professional (And How to Do It!)

Did you know that personal branding can be the “make it or break it” aspect [...]

Blogging Trends for 2020 You Should Know About

When looking at blogging trends for upcoming years, it’s more about seeing what things will [...]

What’s the Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting?

Every website needs both web hosting and domain hosting. It’s common to get confused between [...]

How to Fix the HTTP Error 503 for WordPress Sites

Finding that your WordPress site is showing an HTTP error 503 response code is extremely [...]

What is cPanel? A Beginner’s Guide

If you are getting into web development, design, and management, then you have surely encountered [...]

How to Style Divi’s Comments Module Inside a Blog Post Template

Designing a blog post template is pretty easy with the Divi theme builder. But there’s [...]

How to Make a Fun Product Page Template for Kids’ Products with Divi

Kids’ product websites have a unique style. They tend to be fun, colorful and inspire [...]

G Suite vs Office 365: Which is Better for Your Team?

Are you trying to decide whether to get G Suite or Office 365 for your [...]

How to Formulate the Best Questions and Answers for Your FAQ Page

When you consider the “must-haves” on any website, an FAQ page is one of the [...]

Blender for Beginners: Fundamental Tutorials to Help You Get Started

Looking for a Blender tutorial? Truth be told, just one will not be enough. That’s [...]

Why it’s Important to Showcase your Web Design Projects on Dribbble and Behance

As a web designer, your online portfolio is just as important as your Linkedin profile [...]

Nimbus Capture Screenshots and Recordings Browser Extension: Overview and Review

How often do you have the need to take a screenshot of something online or [...]

How to Create a Recipe Card Template with the Divi Theme Builder

Food bloggers and recipe creators know how important it is to have a consistent look [...]

OpenShot, The Open Source Video Editor: Overview and Review

After taking OpenShotThe open-source video editor for a spin, I bring you an overview and [...]

How to Create Successful Online Courses

Knowing how to create successful online courses is a content marketing strategy with lots of [...]

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