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Best Blog Hosting for 2020: 6 Platforms Compared ✍️

Starting a blog isn’t too difficult. However, beginning a successful blog that finds a broad [...]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar That Flawlessly Executes Your Content Marketing Strategy

To run a successful website, you need to plan ahead often. This means having a [...]

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WiseStamp Signatures: An Overview and Review

Email signatures may seem insignificant, especially with more prominent branding elements in play, but they [...]

5 High-Quality Sketch Alternatives for Windows (2019)

When it comes to User Interface (UI) design, Sketch is a popular platform for collaborative [...]

Fetch API: What It Is and How It Differs from the WordPress REST API

JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, are key programming languages. Nearly every site on the [...]

How to Use a Pomodoro Timer to Increase Productivity

Social media, gossipy co-workers, and any number of other tempting distractions can easily pull you [...]

Why You Should Upgrade WordPress to PHP 7 Now Rather Than Later

If you pay attention to the latest news from the WordPress community, you may have [...]

How to Use WordPress as a Back End: Resources for Getting Started With the REST API

The WordPress REST API has been around for a while now, but understanding what it [...]

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