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Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better? (Pros and Cons)

Are you trying to decide between Wix vs WordPress to build your website? While WordPress [...]

5 Best Transcription Services of 2021 Compared (Cheap & Accurate)

Are you looking for the best transcription services? Transcription services let you simply convert speech [...]

Analyze the Pros and Cons of Considering Hybrid Cloud Against Public Cloud

Technology specialists to normal users have now largely embraced cloud-based systems ever since their inception. [...]

How to Increase Pageviews and Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress

Do you want to increase pageviews and reduce bounce rate in WordPress? Users who stay [...]

How to Send Twilio SMS Notifications from WooCommerce (Step by Step)

Do you want to send Twilio SMS notifications from WooCommerce? With SMS notifications, you can [...]

Six B2B eCommerce Fashion Online Store Essentials

Selling apparel online is a profitable business with a market set to recover and hit [...]

How to Highlight Author’s Comments in WordPress

Do you want to highlight the author’s comments in WordPress posts on your website? Highlighting [...]

How to Create a WordPress Popup Based on Location (Step by Step)

Do you want to create a WordPress popup based on the location of your visitors? [...]

How to Display Announcements in Your WordPress Blog

Do you want to display announcements in your WordPress blog or website? Adding announcements to [...]

6 Best HR Payroll Software for Small Businesses (2021)

We’ve had many people ask us how we handle payroll and HR for our remote [...]

How to Integrate Slack with WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to integrate Slack with your WordPress website or WooCommerce store? Slack is [...]

How to Approach Web Developers With Cold Email Outreach

If you’re a web designer or another kind of internet entrepreneur thinking about approaching web [...]

How to Add Amazon Ads to Your WordPress Site (3 Methods)

Do you want to add Amazon ads to your WordPress site? Amazon ads can be [...]

14 Best WordPress Plugins to Install on Your Clients’ Websites

WordPress is a commonly used blogging platform because of its functionality, ease of use, and [...]

How to Add HTTP Security Headers in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to add HTTP security headers in WordPress? HTTP security headers allow you [...]

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How to Add Subscriptions to WooCommerce (Free Alternative)

Do you want to add subscriptions to WooCommerce in WordPress? Adding subscriptions lets you offer [...]

6 Best Video Editing Software of 2021 Compared (Easy & Powerful)

Are you looking for the best video editing software? Video editing software lets you create [...]

WordPress Body Class 101: Tips and Tricks for Theme Designers

Are you an aspiring WordPress theme designer looking for new ways to use CSS into [...]

How to Easily Find and Remove Stolen Content in WordPress (5 Ways)

Are you looking for a way to find and remove stolen content in WordPress? You’ve [...]

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