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How to Create an Online Bookkeeping System with WordPress

Accounting and bookkeeping are two of the most intimidating words that come to mind for [...]

9+ Top-Tier Slack Apps, Bots, and Integrations

Slack has become the go-to for workplace communication, especially for those companies and teams who [...]

Case Study: Divi with WP Smush and Hummingbird

Everyone wants a faster website. With Google using loading speed as one of the primary [...]

How to Use Metricool to Manage Your Social Media and Ad Campaigns

At first glance, Metricool might look like just another social media dashboard. But Metricool isn’t [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the most powerful tools available for any website owner. [...]

7 Best Browser-based, Online Code Editors for Web Developers

If you’re a web developer, you very likely have a dev environment set up locally [...]

16 Top VS Code Extensions for Web Developers

Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is one of the top code editors for software [...]

DDoS Attacks: What WordPress Users Need to Know

Anyone running any sort of online enterprise should be wary of DDoS attacks. Or distributed [...]

WP Rocket: A Detailed Overview & Review

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a successful WordPress website is maintaining [...]

How to Use WordPress Log Files to Improve Your Website

WordPress log files are one of the most important aspects of the entire WP ecosystem [...]

Gleam.io vs RafflePress: The Ultimate Giveaway Showdown

Giveaways are the lifeblood of marketing. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store trying to drum up [...]

How to Create a Privacy Policy for Your Website

Privacy policies are one of the most underappreciated parts of your website. In fact, a [...]

The Best Video Hosting Options for Businesses and Content Creators

When most people think about video hosting options, their minds go to either YouTube or [...]

What is a Subdomain and How to Use One with WordPress?

Of all the questions that arise regarding WordPress installations, one of the more common ones [...]

How to Start a Podcast with WordPress

Let’s talk about podcasting. Because it seems like everybody already is. Podcasting is taking over [...]

Self-hosted Matrix with Riot: Team Chat Under Your Control

A common complaint regarding team chat apps like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams is that [...]

How to Serve WebP Images instead of JPG or PNG with WordPress

Google sits at the top of the internet food chain. The company influences (or dictates) [...]

How to Maintain a Conversational Style As a Blogger While Maintaining a Professional Tone

I told my freshman composition and developmental writing students for nearly a decade that the [...]

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