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Just What is Data Analytics, Anyway?

No matter what kind of website you run, you’re doing to be digging into data [...]

The Essential Guide to WordPress Custom Fields

If there’s one feature about WordPress that sets it apart from other content management systems [...]

Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting: An Overview and Review

When you think about managed WordPress hosting, hopefully Pressable comes to mind. If not, we’re [...]

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting: An Overview and Review

Flywheel is one of the top providers of managed WordPress hosting out there. They also [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Common HTTP Error Codes

Every single person on the internet has run into some HTTP error codes at some [...]

What is SEO? A Simple Guide for Beginners

Search engines are any website’s lifeblood. No matter how well-planned and effective your social strategies [...]

Best Practices to Optimize Your Anchor Text

Even if you aren’t familiar with the phrase anchor text, you have almost certainly used it. [...]

How to Run a Traceroute to Troubleshoot Connection and HTTP Errors

Connection errors are bound to happen to everyone who uses the internet. At some point, [...]

How to Track Landing Page Redirects Using Google Analytics

Tracking landing page redirects does not have to be as overwhelming as it seems at [...]

How to Fix the HTTP Error 400 for WordPress Websites

You are probably familiar with the HTTP 404 error. It’s when the page or document [...]

When to Use HTTP 301 and 302 Redirects for the Best Results

The internet is always changing. Sites like archive.org are specifically designed to keep track of [...]

How Choosing the Right WordPress Theme Can Level Up Your Online Business

One of the reasons we all love the WordPress theme and plugin ecosystem is because [...]

How to Fix the HTTP 508 Error Codes on your WordPress Website

No one likes seeing error codes pop up on their WordPress website. And if you [...]

CSS !Important: What It is and When to Use it

One of the most useful and contentious elements of CSS is the !important property. Every [...]

How to Use HTML Heading Tags Correctly

Every website is its own unique monster, with developers and designers putting their own signature [...]

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