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… that carried who they called ‘The Elementors’.
It was the third year anniversary since the ship had first come in 1463.
As it touched down on a small hill just outside of the town, the villagers ran out to meet it, with all sorts of things: torches, banners, whole chickens, tables, and more.
On the side of the ship, the symbol of the four elements – fire, earth, wind and air – gleamed brightly. The craft touched down with a slight whoosh, and the main port slid open with a walkway towards the ground.
At the forefront of the Elementors that emerged from the ship was the leader, Yoni. An absolutely commanding man who had a gentle heart and rewarded people for good work. Others emerged behind him, and the group made their way down the walkway towards the eager villagers.
It started as a murmur, then quickly rose to a cacophony of sounds. None of the Elementors were able to discern what the villagers were saying until a gigantic banner was raised that read in broken english: HAPPY BIRTHDAE TO YE, ELEMENTORS!