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In the modern-day, most customers prefer to make their reservations online. This convenient features saves time for the customer and reduces the pressure that restaurant staff experience from a high call volume.
Luckily for restaurant owners, adding reservation capability to a website is easier than ever before. If you use a WordPress website, you just need to install the right plugin to immediately start booking tables for your guests.
Look for a plugin with clean design, customizable menu options, and email notifications so that you know when to confirm a reservation. More complicated plugins will let you re-design the reservation form and add custom fields for your restaurant’s unique services.
These seven plugins are the best restaurant reservation options for WordPress. They’re all free to use and will work well with your existing website theme.

With a clean form and a user-friendly back end, WPEverest’s Online Restaurant Reservation easily makes the top of this list. This plugin has everything you need to add simple reservation functionality to your restaurant website.
Online Restaurant Reservation features a clean appearance that you can integrate with any WordPress theme. Use ShortCode to place the form anywhere on your site – you can add it to a unique page or feature it directly on the sidebar. The fields are elegantly designed with unobtrusive borders, and the drop-down menus don’t interfere with your site’s layout.
The plugin’s back end lets you choose your restaurant’s hours, make schedule exceptions, and select the distance between reservation windows. You can also set minimum and maximum party sizes, and customers have the option to add a note to their reservation request.
Every time a customer makes a reservation, you’ll get an email directly to your inbox. Log into your website to see request details and manually confirm or change the status of a reservation.
WPEverest also offers a simple restaurant menu plugin to further enhance your site. The best part is that both of these plugins are free to download and use.

Theme of the Crop offers a variety of themes and plugin options for the modern restaurant website. Their Resturant Reservation tool is an easy way to manage your table bookings online.
The Restaurant Reservation form integrates particularly well with Theme of the Crop websites, but it should work with any WordPress design. The form is verticle and features a large pop-up calendar when customers select the date of their reservation. Editing the layout manually requires HTML knowledge, and the plugin does not use updateable templates.
Like most reservation plugins, you can manually confirm or cancel reservations through the site’s back end. Update your booking schedule and maximum party size, and select the page on your site where you would like the reservation form to be displayed.
Where Restaurant Reservation really shines is through its customer communication features. Create your own success message and reservation pending, confirmation, and cancellation emails. You can even ban a customer by email address or IP; if you choose this option, an “unable to confirm” message will be displayed when the customer attempts to make a reservation.
If you want more features, Theme of the Crop offers several premium addons for this plugin. Add custom fields to the reservation form, export bookings to a different file format, or automatically subscribe customers who make reservations to your MailChimp newsletter.

Booking Calendar isn’t specifically for restaurants, but it’s still a great choice for any appointment or reservation system. This completely customizable plugin is the perfect way to manage reservations for large-scale restaurants or franchises.
Booking Calendar features a large and responsive calendar that customers can interact with. When a day is completely booked, it turns red and cannot be selected. As an owner, you can choose the available days and times; you can even specify how many bookings are available for any given time slots. The plugin is compatible with multiple properties, so you can manage reservations for every location that you own.
Choose from multiple calendar skins to customize the look of your booking schedule. Every aspect of the form is designable; choose fonts, borders, and colors to match your website. You can also add, remove, rename, and change the order of every form field. Add “extras” options for large parties or specialty services. Save your customized forms and themes as templates for easy access later on.
Booking Calendar almost has too many features to list. You can edit the text of email notifications, integrate with payment methods, and fully manage the status of every reservation. The free version is extremely unrestricted, but you can upgrade to Pro or Premium to get even more options.

Table Reservations is a cute visual reservation system that your guests will simply adore. Although this plugin doesn’t have as many features as some of the other choices on this list, its unique and easy-to-use design makes it a strong contender for your website.
From the guest’s end, this reservation system is extremely simple and convenient. First, customers choose a date and a time. Next, they click on the table where they want to sit. If that table isn’t already booked, they proceed to a short form that includes party size and contact information.
To use this plugin, you’ll need a photo or a model of your restaurant’s floor plan. Use a convenient back end tool to specify clickable seating areas. You can also customize selection colors, confirmation messages, available seating times, and several other features. Styles can be overridden with CSS.
This plugin works exactly as intended. Users who access the site via a mobile device will see a slightly different interface. If you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll get access to an advanced reservation system with the ability to manage multiple venues.

ReDi Restaurant Reservation is a classic WordPress booking plugin that works with any site. Nearly every aspect of this form is customizable, and the upgraded package is thoroughly attractive.
Start by customizing everything from the fields in your reservation form to the look of the calendar. You can select a calendar type, change display messages, manage the schedule, and even decide how early customers can make their reservations. Make custom fields as needed, and choose the email address that confirmations are sent from. The free version of the plugin has everything you need to comfortably manage reservations directly from your website.
If you choose to upgrade to the Basic plan, you’ll get access to a mobile reservation interface that your staff can use. This lets them review and manage upcoming reservations without logging directly into the site. This feature alone makes the upgrade worthwhile; it comes with options like personal notes, schedule modification, and confirmation messages for both the customer and the owner when a change is made.
The creator of Redi Restaurant Reservations offers customer support and can make custom modifications for your website. This is a great all-inclusive plugin for restaurants of any size.

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Quick Restaurant Reservations is a simple plugin from Things for Restaurants. This reservation system focuses on back end flexibility and control.
Quick Restaurant Reservations is ideal for the owner with a busy and fluctuating schedule. Create a list of schedules that you can switch between based on your needs; you can choose different reservation settings for weekends, times of the day, or special holidays. All of your bookings show up in daily and monthly calendar views that you can access from your website.
If you choose to upgrade this plugin, you’ll be able to manage reservations for multiple restaurants and customize your confirmation messages and notifications. An additional set of addon features lets you add custom form fields for dietary options and seating preferences.
On the customer end, Quick Restaurant Reservations is simple and visually appealing. The plugin integrates well with most themes, and the features work the same on mobile devices. If you like this plugin, you should also try Quick Restaurant Menu for a menu system with a similar level of user control.

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GloriaFood is a complete online food ordering and table reservation system for restaurants. Their plugin lets a WordPress site integrate with their online system.
GloriaFood isn’t just for reservations, so the plugin features a wide array of options. Customize your menu, select restaurant reservation times, and make the forms look exactly as you’d like. The customer end is mobile-friendly, and user data is saved between visits. The plugin also includes support for multiple menu item sizes and promotional discounts.
Restaurants with a GloriaFood account can manage orders and reservations from a mobile app. This feature is a great way to let staff confirm reservations and contact customers without logging into the restaurant’s back end. Using this system, customers can even order specific food items to be ready at their reservation time.
If you just want to accept reservations, this plugin isn’t the best choice. But if you’re looking for an entire package of restaurant-related features, GloriaFood offers a surprisingly wide array of services for free. Upgraded service packages include the ability to accept online payments or to create a custom mobile app for your business.
All of these plugins feature clean interfaces, customizable options, and back end reservation management. If you’re looking for a sweet and simple option, check out either Online Restaurant Reservation or Table Reservations. For a more complicated booking system, Booking Calendar and ReDi Restaurant Reservation are both excellent choices.
No matter which plugin you pick, remember to customize all of the preferences before your form goes live. With a quick installation and a few minutes spent tweaking the settings, your restaurant website will be accepting online reservations faster than you expected.