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Ask the Bartender: Frustrations and Finding the Right WordPress Block Plugins

Hello. I always supported the idea of a WordPress block editor as a whole, but [...]

How to Use MailHog to Test Emails Locally (Step-by-Step Guide)

Testing emails in a local development environment can be challenging. It’s a real pain to [...]

Getting The Most out of Feature & Customization Requests for Plugin & Theme Developers

Building a WordPress website is all about customization to make it look and act the [...]

How to Add a WhatsApp Contact Button to Your WordPress Site With Join.chat

Full disclosure: When clicking on some of the links on this page and purchasing the [...]

How to Create Flipbox Overlays and Hovers in WordPress

Want to add flipbox overlays and image hover effects to your WordPress site? Even if [...]

What Are Splash Screens? Here’s How to Create One for Your App and Why

In the world of apps, there are many details to take care of. Developing the [...]

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Xtemos Space Review: A One-Stop Shop for Premium Quality Responsive Themes

With the launch of Xtemos Space set of multipurpose WordPress themes, the team at Xtemos [...]

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