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The Complete Guide to Adding and Managing Custom WordPress Registration Forms

A simple registration form already comes by default with WordPress. However, with the right tools, [...]

Getting Started with Block Themes: Patterns

Block Patterns, or simply patterns, enable theme developers to create custom blocks that are compositions [...]

Elementor Team Writes: How To Create a Draggable Nav Menu With Elementor

Here’s a quick explanation of what the different parameters are doing: containment: [-3000, 0, 300, [...]

Why High Traffic Websites Based on Dynamic CMS Should Be Optimized

Optimization is important for websites of all sizes, but it is especially important if your [...]

How to Embed Facebook Albums in WordPress

Do you want to embed Facebook albums into your WordPress website? Embedding Facebook albums is [...]

Learn How to Design a Website: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

You need a website. You’ve probably heard the same thing from other people and articles [...]

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