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Gutenberg 9.3 Provides Indicator of Where Full-Site Editing Is Going, a Future Without Widgets and Customizer Screens

Version 9.3 of the Gutenberg plugin dropped earlier today. It is the first version of [...]

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Your Old Paid Search Strategies Are Becoming Extinct: Try These Instead via @jonkagan

You know those good old paid search strategies – the ones we have always relied on, [...]

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The Divi Black Friday Sale Is Coming! Win A Free iMac While You Wait

Black Friday Exclusive Perks Sneak Peek! Posted on November 27, 2019 by Nick Roach in [...]

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How To Build a Car Dealership Website with Elementor Using Just One Template

Car dealer sites are generally some of the more difficult sites to develop. This is [...]

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What Is the Average Web Designer’s Salary in 2020? Deep Dive into the Data

Web design offers passionate creators a modern, unique way to express their creativity and skills [...]

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