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YouTube Replaces the ‘Trending’ Tab With New ‘Explore’ Tab on Mobile via @MattGSouthern

YouTube is rolling out an update to its mobile app on iOS and Android which [...]

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YouTube Allows Creators to Monetize Content About Coronavirus via @MattGSouthern

YouTube is backtracking on a decision made weeks ago to demonetize content about the coronavirus. [...]

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How to Swap Your Divi Header for Another One on Scroll

Your header inevitably remains one of your website’s most important elements. It influences your visitors’ [...]

What Is Great Content? The 6 Standards of Content Greatness via @ashleymadhatter

We all know that content is king. However, we also know that what is considered [...]

Do You Really Need to Translate Your Google Ads? via @GrpTwentySeven

When you manage online advertising campaigns for companies with global reach, the following question inevitably [...]

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Top Website Design & Development Services

Yes, creating a website with drag-and-drop themes is accessible on the surface. In reality, though, [...]

What Is It about Website Optimization Services?

So you’ve set up an excellent website. Now what, is it functioning at its most [...]

Top Website Marketing Services For Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Online marketing encompasses so many different areas, from simple website design accessibility and content marketing [...]

Why and how to use the search results to create intent-based content

Melina Reintjens After getting her Master’s in Art & Visual Culture, Melina worked in the [...]

Latest Google Patents of Interest – March 11, 2020 via @theGypsy

Welcome back to another week in our series on Google patent watch. This week, we [...]

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