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Google Rolls Out New Extensions for YouTube Ads via @MattGSouthern

Google is introducing new extensions for YouTube ads, which are similar to the extensions for [...]

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How to Creatively Feature Popular Products on Your Divi Landing Page

When showing popular products on a landing page, it’s not only important to choose the [...]

22 Best Street Poster Mockup Templates 2019

Use a street poster mockup template from the collection below and test your extraordinary design. [...]

WPML’s New String Translation Reduces Page Load Times by 50%

If you are looking to translate your WordPress website then the most popular way is [...]

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What to Do When Google Is Ranking the Wrong Page for Your Keywords via @AdamHeitzman

It’s typically a good thing when you find out your website is ranking for a [...]

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20 Best Drawstring Bag Mockup Templates 2019

We provide you with a collection of the best drawstring bag mockup templates to use [...]

The Rise of Advertising on Ecommerce Marketplaces: 5 Tips to Get Ahead via @ebkendo

We all know, it’s no secret. Amazon has come to disrupt budgets, raise expectations on [...]

Yandex’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Algorithms via @TaylorDanRW

Earlier this month, Google unveiled its latest AI algorithm, BERT, which is said to be [...]

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How to Setup WordPress Email Logs (and WooCommerce Email Logs)

Do you want to set up email logs on your WordPress or WooCommerce website? Email [...]

20 Best Newspaper Website Designs To Look Into 2019

In this modern era, almost all brands turn to the internet as a great medium [...]

26 Top Responsive Angular Website Templates For Building Professional Websites 2019

Looking for Angular templates for your next project? We have selected the best examples out [...]

Google Domains Review: Pros vs Cons (+ How to Register a Domain Name)

If you’re looking for a service to help you register a domain name, Google Domains [...]

Elementor Sites of the Month – October 2019

Atmostfear is an open-access counterculture medium consisting of periodic, unconventional curated articles, attracting fans of [...]

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