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Presentation is one of the most effective means to deliver a certain message to the audience. It’s impossible to imagine a seminar or a conference without presentations. Not to mention a business meeting. Entrepreneurs use them to persuade the target audience to cooperate. To achieve the aim, it’s important to show the content that will engage people. Thus, preparing a good business presentation requires time and effort.

Still, there is something that makes this process much easier. And not so time-consuming. Business presentation templates may come in handy in this case. They contain the ready-made slides you may use to your advantage.

There are different options to consider while opting for the proper template. You may come across free business powerpoint templates. They usually include basic features to try and see how they work. So, it’s better to select the paid ones. You will receive more features to use.

Another point is the purpose of the presentation. Do you prepare it for business partners or your university conference? As a result, the templates will differ. Business powerpoint templates, including corporate powerpoint templates, will work for the first option. For the second case, free templates or simple ppt templates will be enough.

Moreover, there are templates created on the basis of different presentation programs. In this article, we will consider powerpoint templates and business keynote templates.

Let’s start with powerpoint templates. They are rather popular among different groups of people. The reasons are their design and functionality.

Entorum - Business with flexible infographics PowerPoint Template

Entorum is a Business powerpoint template with infographics. You will appreciate the features of the template:

  • a variety of unique slides for diverse purposes. It includes presentation slides, analysis and timeline infographics. There are also content and storytelling slides and much more;
  • light and dark stylization of the slides to choose the best one for a certain occasion;
  • 4 aspect ratios to select the appropriate one for your presentation;
  • an opportunity to change custom vector objects.


Complete Business Presentation

Complete Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

Do you want to impress your audience with the presentation you work on? Take a look at the Complete Business Presentation Powerpoint Template. What do you receive?

  • 100 tailor-made slides in ppt and pptx formats;
  • drag and drop elements that are easy to work with;
  • a wide range of diagrams to use for different types of effective presentations.



Fresy | Business PowerPoint Template

Fresy is a powerful PowerPoint template with creative design. It contains more than 4000 slides to use for impressive business presentation. Besides this, you will find the following:

  • 12 color schemes to choose from;
  • files for two types of ratio;
  • animated effects to strengthen the key message of the presentation;
  • clean design suitable for corporate projects.


Power Edge

Power Edge - PowerPoint Template

Power Edge is a multipurpose presentation template with clean slides. They are also creative. The slides are full of various diagrams and charts. You will also find other stuff for an effective presentation. What does it offer?

  • 369 slides to opt for the proper ones for different purposes.
  • The content of the slides is editable.
  • There is a vector icons library that contains 6500 items.
  • A wide choice of color themes and designs that make the template even more attractive.


Business Infographic

Multipurpose Business Infographic Presentation - PowerPoint Template

Are you in search of an assistant to prepare a professional and modern presentation? Mountain presentation template can become the one for you. It offers you a lot of benefits.

  • The slides come in three different sizes.
  • Light and dark versions are available for all slides.
  • There are 26 color variations to play with.
  • It’s possible to use animation to make your presentation more lively.


Business Pack

Business Pack PowerPoint Template

Business Pack PowerPoint Presentation Bundle is a powerful solution for various occasions. It contains corporate powerpoint templates. Moreover, you may find different slide layouts for personal use. You will take advantage of:

  • slides for Simply PowerPoint Template and Varied one;
  • 10 ready-made templates;
  • free icons and fonts to work with;
  • a variety of color themes to choose the necessary one to fit the particular occasion.


The Zero

Business Infographic Presentation - PowerPoint Template

The Zero Presentation Template is one of the Business powerpoint templates. Its peculiarity is infographics. The template includes basic infographics for everyday use, category-based infographic. There is also a tree and basic business infographics. Do you need something specific? You will appreciate smart art infographics and photorealistic 3D one. Besides this feature, the Zero contains:

  • extra and bonus slides;
  • dark and light versions for all slides;
  • normal and widescreen mode and other features.


Infographic Presentation Pack

Infographic Presentation Pack PowerPoint Template

Do you have to prepare presentations on a regular basis? Infographic Presentation Pack may become rather helpful for you. The pack includes:

  • 100 unsurpassed slides that are easy to customize;
  • different color options to edit the slides and separate items;
  • Moreover, there are image placeholders. They will let you lay out the presentation slides. You will be able to put the images in the appropriate place.


Business Model

Business Model PowerPoint Template

Business Model PowerPoint Template is a good option to present a business plan. Or any personal project. Business powerpoint slides are of high quality. What is more, the template has a stylish design. What is waiting for you?

  • 112 extraordinary slides and 12000 slides in total;
  • diverse color options to find the best for each aim;
  • an opportunity to change the color with one click;
  • professional support in case of necessity.


Project Pitch Pro

[PPTX] Project Pitch Pro Multi-Purpose PowerPoint Template

Project Pitch Pro has all the necessary instruments to make the presentation fast. Moreover, you will enjoy the very process of preparation. This Multipurpose PowerPoint Template offers:

  • more than 17000 slides, among which you will find 120 unique ones;
  • a great collection of graphic items to add functionality to your presentation;
  • animated and non-animated files to opt for the ones you need for each particular case;
  • links to download the fonts used in the package.

Now let’s move to Keynote templates to see what benefits they have in store for you. If you are fond of Apple products, you are sure to find something for yourself.



Adhar - Modern Minimal Keynote Template

You may use this creative keynote template for different business purposes. The features are the following:

  • a minimal but progressive design created with attention to details;
  • 32 functional slides to customize according to your requirements;
  • a variety of useful elements and icons to add some peculiarity to the layout.



Canva - Business Keynote Presentation Keynote Template

Canva is a Business Keynote Template that is rather handy for smart presentations. Using it, you will be able to create a powerful presentation. What are the features?

  • a clean and modern design;
  • 36 incomparable slides to use as a background;
  • a wide range of customizable icons.



Arrow - Clean Business Keynote Template

Are you looking for a smart Keynote template with a functional design? Arrow is a good solution for you. It will make your presentation more expressive. How will you achieve this effect?

  • Choose the best slides among 40 exclusive ones.
  • Arrange your material to create the necessary impression.
  • Customize the used elements and icons in case of necessity.



ProBrush - Modern Keynote Template

Do you agree that slide designs are very important for the presentation? ProBush offers you 30 customs slides developed with a passion to design. Besides the mentioned slides, you will appreciate:

  • links to the fonts used in the template;
  • an opportunity to replace the images. Drag and drop them in the required place;
  • icons that you may add to the slides.



Trunup - Multipurpose Business Keynote Template

Trunup is a multipurpose Keynote template to prepare an impactful presentation. The following features will help you achieve the set goal:

  • Business slides to use as a basis. The content of the slides is editable;
  • a wide choice of vector icons to add to the presentation;
  • icons and fonts are available free of charge.



CodePro - Keynote Template

CodePro is a Keynote presentation template created for inspirational presentations. Its modern design has a clear aim to influence the audience. Besides the design, there are the following characteristics:

  • 30 multipurpose slides that are easy to alter;
  • vector icons added to the package;
  • fonts offered for free.



Wake - Modern & Stylist Presentation Keynote Template

Wake will let you leave your audience under a nice impression. This stylish Keynote template offers you:

  • a variety of ready slides designed especially for business purposes;
  • 16:9 aspect ratio which is the most common one;
  • a chance to change the colors to make them look closer to your brand.


Business Plan

Business Plan Presentation Keynote Template

Business keynote templates are a great solution for everyone. This Presentation Keynote Template is an awesome template to prepare a presentation. Using it, you will:

  • take advantage of 30 prepared slides;
  • appreciate master slide layout that is very convenient to use;
  • find all the necessary icons, elements to make your presentation unique.


Clean Keynote

Graphics Keynote Template

Graphics Keynote Template is a useful tool to present your company. You will find slides with clean design to add information about:

  • your company;
  • your mission and objectives;
  • the services you provide;
  • your team members.

Moreover, you may showcase your portfolio. What is more, it’s possible to use diagrams or charts to draw the audience’s attention to the important numbers.


Happy Plan

Modern Presentation Keynote Template

Modern Presentation Keynote Template is one of the Business presentation templates. It may become a helpful assistant for anyone. It comes with such features as:

  • a clean and simple design. You won’t find unnecessary elements on the slides;
  • drag and drop image replace;
  • 16:9 screen ratio.


Thus, here is a list of the most interesting presentation templates you may use in your work. You may choose either powerpoint templates or keynote ones. All are modern and functional. How do you prepare your presentations? Are there any other templates you may recommend for this?