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Can newspapers be considered as effective media for advertising other than providing news and information? Of course, it can. Advertising in newspapers helps a brand create its recognition, run a marketing campaign, introduce any new product or service and encourage the customers to visit its store. Knowing the usefulness, are you interested in this form of advertising for your next project? Then without thinking twice pick a good newspaper mockup first. If your advertisement has all the important details about the product or service or company you want to promote, for the rest of the design work, you just do not have to take any stress. The pre-designed template of a mockup can help you place your design on a newspaper and have a virtual view of the final result. Therefore before printing, you can see how your ad will look best in a newspaper.

To help you choose a perfect newspaper mockup, today’s post will talk about 20 best newspaper mockups. All these are of excellent quality and help you present your work in a realistic and professional way.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these.

Photorealistic Newspaper Mockups

This photorealistic newspaper mockups collection includes 6 mockups, each having fully layered and highly detailed design formats. You can place your advertisement in a newspaper layout and check how it would look after printing. Editing it is super easy. You can also change the background. The high resolution of the mockups helps you get an excellent quality final result.

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Newspaper Mockups

This is a high-quality newspaper mockup set. It is a pack of 6 high-resolution PSD presentation files. You will also find 5 paper textures and 5 background textures in the pack. Other than editing the textures, you can also change the background color. You can choose between a solid background color or place your own or included texture. In every way, your final presentation will look fantastic and realistic.

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High-quality Newspaper Mockup

This high-quality newspaper mockup is perfect for showcasing your advertisement design on print media. It includes 6 high-resolution PSD presentations, 5 background textures, and 5 paper textures. A Help file in PDF format also comes with this mockup. You can go through this if you find any difficulty using the mockup. Get this mockup now and use it to create a photorealistic presentation.

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Newspaper Mockup with 3 Presentations

This advanced newspaper mockup is ideal for those who are looking for the best way to create a realistic look for their next projects. It guarantees a good look for bright and dark designs and perfect fit to the shape. The mockup includes 3 photorealistic presentations. Fully separated and movable objects and shadows make your editing process easy. The background is also changeable via smart objects.

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Premium Quality Newspaper Mockup

This set of premium quality newspaper mockups includes 6 PSD files. All the files are equally easy to edit via smart objects. You get the proper layout of your advertisement placement. If you have your ad design ready, just place it in the right place of the layout. Change color and other elements according to your needs and preference. Within just a few clicks, your final presentation will be ready. And this presentation will surely grab the attention of your target audience.

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Professional Newspaper Mockups

This professional newspaper mockups set is great for your web design showcase, product, presentations, advertising and much more. It includes realistic looking Photoshop-compatible PSD files, all having organized layers, high resolution, and detailed designs. If you find any difficulty using the templates, go through the help file and video tutorial that come with this pack.

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Newspaper Mockup with Documentation

Are you looking for the best possible way to create a flawless newspaper presentation? Then use this newspaper mockup. It includes 4 PSD files, all are equally easy to edit via smart objects. Just drop your image on the ore-made layout and your work is done. Within just a few clicks, an impressive presentation will be ready.

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A4 Newspaper Mockup

This A4 newspaper mockup displays 8 different views of an A4 newspaper. The pack comes with 8 PSD files and a help file. You can place your advertisement in the required place and have a virtual view of how it would look in a newspaper. The mockup’s high resolution and organized layers and folders make this simply hard to ignore. Moreover editing this is super easy. Use its smart objects option and customize it as per your need and preference.

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Newspaper Mockups 01

Another excellent set of newspaper mockups is available here. It includes 11 pre-made PSD files. The background is completely changeable via smart objects. Separated shadows enable you to adjust the shading as per your choice. Organized layers and folders help you use this mockup set easily. If you have your ad design ready, simply place it into the smart object. Hit save and there is nothing else to do. You get your flawless newspaper advertisement presentation ready in just a few minutes.

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Newspaper Mockup V02

This newspaper mockups pack includes 9 high-resolution PSD files, each showing different views. Fully separated objects help you customize the whole thing in an organized manner. Use its smart object option and paste your design on the template to get the presentation ready. You can change the background as well. The help file included in this pack comes in handy while using the PSD templates.

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Advertising Space in Newspaper Mockups

This mockup is perfect for those who want to advertise in both newspapers and magazines. After opening the file, you will see there are two layers. You can replace a layer, then double-click on it. After that smart objects will open. Now you can customize everything. After customizing, simply hit save and close. You will see the changes in your main file. Isn’t this mockup very easy to use! However, while using it if you still need any guidance, go through the help file that comes with the pack.

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Newspaper Display Mockup

Showcase your newspaper advertisement design with style. Are you wondering how you can do this? Use newspaper display mockup, available here. It helps you create a realistic newspaper display presentation in just a few seconds. It includes 5 display options in PSD format. The smart object feature makes the editing process quick and easy. You can easily replace the mockup content and get your customized presentation.

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Vintage Styled Newspaper Mockup

Do you wish to see your designs in a vintage newspaper? Do you want your designs to stand out in a client presentation? If the answer is yes, then get this vintage-styled newspaper mockup now. This mockup features two old newspaper designs in 2 different colors (original, yellow paper marked in blue and new, white paper marked in green). The mockup is fully editable. You can add designs on the layout via smart object layers. You will get a 100% realistic look at your final presentation.

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Newspaper Mockup

This is a pack of 6 PSD mockups, featuring elegant and photorealistic newspaper views. The added features are fully editable background, automatic perspective, layered templates, and soft separated shadows. Its realistic rendering helps you have a newspaper design presentation with an impressive, realistic look.

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Newspaper Advert Mockup

Do you want to show your clients how their newspaper adverts would look when printed? Use this newspaper advert mockup. It includes 6 PSD files, each having smart objects. With this mockup, you can easily show your design in various formats and display your work in a professional way with style.

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Newspaper Mockups – 4

The mockup includes 10 PSD presentations, each having high quality, detailed designs and excellent resolution. Fully named and layered folders make your editing process organized. The Smart Object feature makes the editing hassle-free. If your next project is for a client who wants to use the ad spot of a newspaper to spread the news of launching a product or service, then this mockup will surely be useful for you. Grab this mockup now and test your designs using it.

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Newspaper Mockup Bundle

This newspaper mockup bundle comprises 2 mockups, each having 8 PSD presentations. All the 16 presentations are of high quality and realistic appearances. Especially the flattened design of a bunch of newspapers featured here adds a realistic touch to the overall look. It is quite evident that using these mockups you can get a photorealistic result. The bundle comes with 4 additional background options. You can choose any from these options or create a completely customized background. You can move all the elements, such as newspapers, hands, shadows and backgrounds as per your need and preference.

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Newspaper Advertise Mockup V2

This newspaper advertisement mockup includes 5 different PSD files and 8 different backgrounds. The completely customizable layered PSD files are 100% Photoshop-compatible With the PSD files, you can showcase a newspaper advertisement from different angles. In other words, using this mockup, your final presentation can never fail to impress your clients.

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Newspaper App Mockup

Nowadays, people are enthralled by smartphones and they desire all the required information to be present at their fingertips. This scenario emerges the presence of online magazines which are a credible and in-demand source of entertainment catering to the needs of the users. To reach a wider audience and augment the businesses, these most online magazines have started incorporating mobile apps. To create your design on a newspaper app is now possible by putting a minimum amount of effort. Just get this newspaper app mockup that presents Magazines from different angles. You can use it for showcasing your brand promotional advertisement designs.

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Top Banner Advert Newspaper Mockup

Last but not the least, this newspaper mockup helps you showcase your ad design and convince your clients how the ads look when displayed on the front page of a newspaper as a top banner ad. The mockup’s simple structure and smart object option make it very easy to use. It features fully layered PSD files, having high resolution. You can replace the elements and change the background via smart objects. To use this mockup in a hassle-free way, follow the instructions in the help file that comes with this mockup pack.

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The Bottom Line,

All the above-discussed mockups include photorealistic designs with various perspective layouts and advertisement spaces. They are all PSD files that are very easy to customize. You can easily change the background, shadows & lighting, colors, and other features. They have beautiful designs that can be real time-savers when working on a close deadline and there is hardly any time to create everything from scratch.

So, what are you waiting for? Get these premium quality mockups now and make your next project look professional and stand out.