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“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.”

Let’s follow this message which belongs to one of the global millionaires – CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey. His statement makes good sense regarding website building process. When you start launching a blog or business website, it’s important to take into account as many UI aspects as possible. Thus, you won’t need to spend extra time and money on site improvements and rebuilding.
Indeed, you always have a chance to perfect any feature of your digital service. However, during the process of improving you can lose potential clients, sales volume, organic traffic, etc. In order to avoid these unpleasant moments for your business, try to build a powerful, user-friendly website interface from the very beginning.
Before choosing one
When choosing UI components for your blog, try to be predictable and coherent. Pros would recommend you to put yourself in your site users position. It will definitely help you understand what your website needs.
The interface includes a number of interactive elements that make navigation easy and intuitive. The interface is like the language of your site allowing your visitors to interact with your web service. For this reason, it is crucial to implement the right UI elements in your website system:

  • Input Controls such as checkboxes, dropdown lists, various buttons, etc. help users input information into your digital service.
  • Navigational Components such as sliders, icons, search boxes, etc. help users move throughout the e-store, blog, or corporate site.
  • Informational Components including tooltips, progress bar, pop ups, message windows, etc. are intended to share information with website visitors.
  • Containers (for example, accordion) allow a website owner to hold related content together and make a site well-organized.

Take a closer look at 10 user interface elements templates providing intuitive navigation around the site without too much thought on the user’s part.

Grace UI Kit UI Elements

Grace UI Kit UI Elements

“No matter how cool your interface is, it would be better if there were less of it.” With a thought-out Grace UI kit, it’s easy to make Alan Cooper’s statement come true. You achieve a comprehensive pack of useful features and tools to create an impeccable user interface. Using the kit, your interface will be completely intuitive and seamless. It will help to craft a balanced site system consisting of various useful UI parts.
The kit boasts minimalistic and modern design in addition to in-use flexibility and simplicity. Let’s make things as clear as a bell and take a look inside of this kit:

  • 7 widely-used categories including Headers/ E-commerce/ Blog/ Media/ Forms/ Navigation/ Styleguide;
  • complete flexibility;
  • easy to use in Sketch & Photoshop;
  • vector shapes;
  • 12 column grid;
  • variety of free Google web fonts incorporated.

Hi Creative Sketch Template

Hi Creative Sketch Template

Let’s your website speak for you. Hi Creative sketch template will help you spread your word around the web in an elegant and unique manner. Its modern, catchy design completely meets the latest web requirements and web development standards.
Details matter. Fortunately, this template includes a number of details which make a whole. In addition to cutting-edge Bootstrap-based design, it offers:

  • A fully customizable layout;
  • Completely layered files;
  • Free Google Fonts (Work Sans, Fjalla One);
  • Free Photos from Unsplash.

Qeep-Slider – Concept Slider, Modern and Functionally UI Elements

Qeep-Slider - Concept Slider, Modern and Functionally UI Elements

Having an average website is not enough for a successful business. It’s more important to have a web service with a user-friendly, visually appealing interface. Otherwise, your blog or corporate site is doomed to be abandoned. Modern users appreciate simplicity and usability in addition to creativity. Qeep-Slider template will easily provide your website with all these factors. With the help of this product, you can create a truly noticeable homepage or landing page to attract visitors’ attention at a glance.
This UI elements template is available in a functional PSD format. WordPress users can utilize this product with:

  • RevSlider;
  • LayerSLider;
  • Master Slider.

Crypto Web Kit UI Elements

Crypto Web Kit UI Elements

Details matter, especially when talking about business website design. An interface consists of tons of small details that make UX more comfortable and pleasant. If you need to enrich your cryptocurrency website interface, this UI elements kit will surely come in handy for you. It allows you to make your site design shine up on the web and gain a wide audience.
Crypto kit contains a number of flexible components. Most of them responsive and resizable to be adjusted to your site needs. The kit consists of:

  • 48 outstanding web screens;
  • Limitless Google Fonts for free;
  • well-organized Layers;
  • Retina Ready elements;
  • Full compatibility with Sketch & Adobe XD.

Pixelbuddha UI Tiles UI Elements

Pixelbuddha UI Tiles UI Elements

Looking for a way to win a cut-throat competition online? This UI bundle will help you make your site more impressive and demanded. Using this kit is a great opportunity to save money on buying UI/UX products separately. Featuring the ultimate quality the bundle serves a core part of your toolbox.
PixelBuddha UI tiles bundle is intended to add interactivity to your user interface. This kit includes:

  • 4 unique products;
  • Modern, attractive design;
  • Mobile-friendly and Retina-ready layout.

Rayan UI/UX Prototype Screens UI Elements

Rayan UI/UX Prototype Screens UI Elements

With Rayan UI elements kit, you will be able to improve your website appearance and navigation within minutes. This amazing multi-purpose bundle includes a wide range of useful screens such as Intro for apps, Sign up forms, password/ password reset, Search, etc. This set is a thought-out, professionally crafted product allowing website owners to adopt their apps or sites to mobile screens.
All the components of Rayan set are fully customizable. The main features of the bundle are:

  • Vector-based elements;
  • Exclusive design;
  • Adobe XD file.

Advance Statistics Cards – Bootstrap 4 Admin Statistics Cards Layout UI Elements

Advance Statistics Cards - Bootstrap 4 Admin Statistics Cards Layout UI Elements

If you need to grab your visitors attention to your business, try to implement statistics cards. Modern users like figures and stats since they serve a great way to get laconic information without the need to read long posts, etc. This set of UI elements includes:

  • Statistics cards with/without background;
  • Icon-equipped section of cards;
  • Variety color schemes for backgrounds;
  • Bootstrap-based layout;
  • Fully responsive set.

UTech UI Elements

UTech UI Elements

With this outstanding UI elements, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel. UTech will save your time and effort since it contains a number of screens suitable for multiple purposes:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Food
  • Media
  • Commerce
  • Fitness

Made in Sketch, UTech doesn’t require much effort to make your web project get noticed on the web. It serves as a great source of the imagination.
DashBee – Dashboard UI Kit UI Elements

DashBee - Dashboard UI Kit UI Elements

The more intuitive and eye-pleasing interface of your site/app is the more chances to win a cut-throat competition you have. DashBee can help you polish your application. It suits any type of web applications – from CMS to eCommerce backends. The kit includes 16 unique, pixel-perfect screens and features:

  • 1170px Bootstrap Grid system;
  • PSD format;
  • Easy customization;
  • Responsive design;
  • Variety of colors;
  • Vector icons for nothing.

Stats+ Chat & Tickets Statistics UI Elements

Stats+ Chat & Tickets Statistics UI Elements

How to attract more potential clients to your blog or product? Make your content more visually appealing, laconic, and informative with this stats & chat UI elements kit. Users’ attention can be easily attracted with colorful rating rates, catchy indexation sections, helpful tickets, etc. The kit features:

  • Fully layered PSD file;
  • Customizable components;
  • Clean design;
  • Adobe Photoshop compatible.

Bottoms up
“UI without UX is like beauty without brains.” Fill up your online service with useful, catchy, and laconic user interface elements. UI elements kits templates are aimed to enrich your website and improve UX. Using premium products provides your app/site with a professionally designed screen, tabs, buttons, icons, menus, etc. All these details make perfection.