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As a web owner, you need to have all the freedom when it comes to preparing your website. Every element has to be in place. Editor plugins are developed to provide web owners with the convenience of having to edit their websites or web pages with ease. Having the necessary editor plugin means that you don’t have to code every part of your website to make adjustments. It can all be done with a few clicks. Here are the best free WordPress editor plugins that you’ll need to improve your WordPress website.

User Role Editor

User Role Editor is perfect in assigning roles for your content team

Is your WordPress website being managed by multiple admins? Or do you have a specific content posted by your writers and they need to make some necessary changes, but don’t have the authorization to do so? Well, this plugin allows you to manage the roles of your site’s users. WordPress has the “contributor” role functionality that will enable authors and contributors to your site to send write-ups and content for your admins to review them. Those limited functions don’t involve changing some graphics that an author wants to see in their post and making slight changes to the content of the post. But the User Role Editor plugin gives you an easy-to-use role management system feature for your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to change a user’s roles and capabilities. You can quickly assign a specific role or authorize what actions your users can do on your site by just clicking on the check-boxes.

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Admin Menu Editor

You can use Admin Menu Editor to edit posts and pages easily

The Admin Menu Editor plugin focuses more on expanding your user admins’ capabilities by offering a couple of neat features. If you are a site admin and you’re looking for a way to edit the site’s dashboard and menus without knowing how to code, then this is the plugin for you. The free version of this plugin gives you the ability to manually edit the dashboard menu, reorder the position of your menu pages, and even show or hide selected content. It is a simple WordPress editor plugin that is more optimized in organizing your website’s elements. Arrange your menus through the drag and drop feature. You can hide or show any sensitive content as well. Anything that you hide will be hidden for both administrators and users. The user interface of the plugin has a minimal and simple design. It is pretty straightforward and easy to use without any flashy or distracting animations.

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WOOBE – Products Bulk Editor for WooCommerce

This WordPress Editor plugin is best for editing bulk products

Nobody wants to always edit things one by one, especially for products. Anyone that has been using the WooCommerce plugin knows that you have to type a product’s description manually. That means that you have to fill in the attributes, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, meta fields, and any vital information needed to publish your product. Doing all that typing and adjustments over and over again for the same product is a tedious task and a tiresome process, especially if you have over a hundred products to publish. But with the WOOBE WordPress editor plugin, you can now fill in all of the necessary fields for your products’ description in just one go. This plugin is a dedicated editor for the WooCommerce plugin that is designed to edit products in bulk. It has all the necessary functionalities to ensure that you can sort out and filter products as you edit them. There is also a display of the products that you had edited for convenience.

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Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce

Check this WordPress Editor plugin and edit your product orders and more

Now that you have a plugin for your product descriptions, it’s time to give your checkout fields more attention. The WooCommerce plugin has an integrated checkout field, wherein the text entry fields are in no way interchangeable. Most users complain about how confusing and complicated customizing the checkout field could be. Of course, you want your website to provide optimal user experience and a convenient way for them to check out their items. Well, the Checkout Field Editor, which is also known as the Checkout Manager, is the editor plugin that will do the trick. It is a dedicated plugin for the WooCommerce checkout page. It allows you to add a custom field or remove unnecessary text entry fields, which you think has no relation to the products that your consumers will be buying. Provide your users with the convenience they need by rearranging the checkout fields in an order that you like. If ever you didn’t like the setup that you had made, there is an option that will reset everything back to its default status.

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Theme Editor

Theme Editor is perfect for HTML members that tweaks your website

Have you ever felt like the look and design of your WordPress website is too bland or stale? Make changes in your website’s theme with the Theme Editor plugin. It provides you with the necessary functionalities and features, such as changing and editing your theme  files. Upload and arrange photos in your website, such as background and headers. The plugin is designed to be compatible with other theme plugins and allows you to edit some elements without having to code anything. It is simple and easy to use. You just need to fill in the necessary fields and make adjustments through the plugin’s integrated editor menus. This WordPress editor plugin also supports PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages for flexibility. It also has a neat feature that allows you to compare and contrast your current or previous theme with a new one. A window will show you all of the images used in your current theme, so you can make some fine adjustments to enhance the overall appearance of your site.

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Htaccess Editor – Safely Edit Htaccess File

Access your Htacess File using this WordPress Editor Plugin!

Everyone has a clumsy side, especially when it comes to doing things that they are not familiar with. Let’s say that you want to make a few adjustments to your website, like moving the header a couple of inches. You tried to code the adjustments manually, but accidentally you entered a wrong keyword, and your web page appeared blank. You can’t seem to point out where the problem is rooted. Lucky for you, the  Htaccess Editor plugin will act as your safeguard when it comes to editing. This WordPress editor plugin provides you with a breakdown of the shortcodes used in your WordPress website. This plugin is essential to look for errors in your .htaccess file. It is a safe and simple way to edit, and the plugin automatically creates a backup for every action that you will do. This will prevent any unsaved states from crashing due to syntax errors. You can restore the backups directly from the plugin’s easy to use interface.

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WordPress Editor

WordPress Editor is simple yet functional!

The WordPress Editor by DediData is an editor with over 20 plugins all in one. It is a dedicated plugin for your WordPress TinyMCE block editor, which you can use for editing various text blocks for your website. The WordPress Editor plugin is designed to provide you with the necessary features of editing elements on your site. It also extends the functionalities of some editor plugins such as Font Awesome and Bootstrap. If you’re tired of using the same fonts over and over again for your blocks of text, then spice things up with the WordPress Editor plugin. It allows you to choose a preset font and insert a wide variety of icons to make your content more alive and appealing. Choose over a dozen of predesigned HTML templates, to give your website a more sophisticated or modern look. If you want to code manually, the editor also gives you the option of highlighting lines of code for guidance, so you won’t get lost. There are a ton of features to try out using this plugin!

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WP Paint – WordPress Image Editor

Edit photos using WP Paint - WordPress Editor Plugin!

Are the photos that you are using for the background don’t match the overall theme of your WordPress website? Some of your photos may look over-saturated, lacks contrast, or is too big or small to fit into your headers or containers. Having a built-in Photoshop for WordPress sounds too good to be true, but there is a plugin that is close to doing just that. The WP Paint is a WordPress HTML 5 image editor plugin developed to provide you with the necessary features to edit and manipulate your photos directly. Feel free to retouch visible errors on your media images. The interface is similar to those old-style photo editors, or it’s just like a legacy MS paint. It includes all the essentials tools that you’ll be using to make changes to your photos. The best part is that you can add layers upon layers of media images, which will make your photos have depth. It is the most widely used plugin for simple image editing and photo manipulation.

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Shortcodes Ultimate

Use a shortcode to amp up your editing speed!

Give your site’s web pages the complete makeover it needs to draw in a lot of traffic. Short codes Ultimate is an easy to use WordPress editor plugin developed to create the most attention-grabbing web theme. Editing web pages has never been this simple. If you want to stand out among your web competitors, then this will be the edge that you’ll need to do so. The plugin is an extensive and comprehensive collection of different  visual elements that you can utilize in order to build a beautiful web page. The assets can be used with the post editor, text widgets, or plugins, and it can also be accessed through your template files. It offers a lot of unique features and functionalities, such as adding tabs, buttons, image containers, text blocks, and much more. You can even add video and image galleries to your  WordPress website, without going through the troubles of having to code them.

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The Visual Editor

The WordPress Editor plugin is the best to edit fonts and style of your texts.

The new update to the WordPress editor gave people a slight confusion when it comes to editing their website. It was too simple and limited to use. The features and functionalities included on the built-in editor weren’t enough to make significant edits on your website. But with the Visual Editor plugin by Zedity, it will change that experience for the better. This plugin is promised to enhance the new WordPress editor by offering a more modern and reliable editor. It comes packed with the necessary functions and features that you’ll need to start editing your web pages. You can create posts and pages with pre-designed templates and even add images, audio, and video-playbacks all directly from the plugin’s interface. It is simple to use with its drag and drop user interface and very handy to have. If you’re looking for an editor to boost your site’s appearance, then the Visual Editor plugin is the one for you.

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Know which features you’ll be using in order to satisfy your editing needs. Choose the right plugin that will offer all the necessary features to help improve your website. Use these amazing free editor plugins to avoid unnecessary codes and errors. Remember, the  perfect website depends on its functionality, appearance, and interface. Make sure to optimize those parts as you edit your WordPress  website.