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If you’re into website building, surely you’ll appreciate the many ready-made framework and template options that the internet has to offer. Just download the code, tweak things a bit and you’re golden! Many of these ready-made code structures come with pre-designed components like buttons and forms that help you get off to a great start. But here’s the thing – when you want to change or customize these components later, you’ll need to overcome the styling that comes with the code. That’s where Tailwind CSS templates come into play.

Tailwind CSS is a low-level CSS framework. It gives you the code pieces to build utilities without any accompanying styling. Staying with your basic HTML, you can go on to add custom designs. Moreover, Tailwind provides tools to separate component classes. This means that one element will not affect a related element while altering or updating.

With Tailwind CSS, it’s possible that you may manage to complete your entire project without having to write a line of code. These Tailwind CSS templates can help you get started on this. The templates are responsive, and can be customized for colors, borders, fonts, shadows and lots more. And because Tailwind uses PostCSS (a tool for transforming CSS with JavaScript) and is configured using JavaScript, you get real programming power.

Best Tailwind CSS templates

Best Tailwind CSS templates

Best Tailwind CSS templates

1. Tailwind Toolbox Landing Page

  • Open source, generic landing page template for Tailwind CSS
  • Includes fixed header, pricing table and call-to-action
  • Also includes promo and card content sections
  • A hero section with two columns for large screens and two rows for small screens
  • Can be customized for better usage
  • Free for use, even commercially

2. Tailwind Toolbox Admin Template Day

  • Contains multi-row nav bar
  • Search bar and drop down menu
  • A day mode theme, alternate dark mode also available
  • Placeholder graphs using Chart.js
  • Open-source freely downloadable template
  • Can be customized

3. Tailwind Toolbox Ghostwind Home

  • Replication of default Ghost theme Casper
  • Featured blog post at the top
  • Includes cards for remaining posts
  • Uses Tailwind CSS and Vanilla JavaScript
  • Can be customized for better usage

4. Tailwind Templates Alerts

  • Open-source project – simply copy and paste
  • Provides contextual feedback messages for typical user actions
  • Handful of flexible alert messages

5. Tailwind Templates Cards

  • Open-source project – simply copy and paste
  • Includes card for Info, Profile and Support
  • Image card and small dashboard card also included

6. Fair Rate Mortgage

  • Free, responsive, downloadable templates
  • Carefully crafted landing page and dashboard examples
  • Free to use commercially

7. DentalPro

  • Free, responsive, downloadable templates
  • Carefully crafted landing page and dashboard examples
  • Free to use commercially
  • Includes Book Appointment button

8. Digizu Home Page

  • Freely downloadable
  • Easy to use as a homepage for any project
  • Neat layout with provision for calls to action

9. Digizu Product Launch

  • Freely downloadable
  • Ideal for any product launch
  • Simply download source code and add your content

10. Gatsby Starter

  • Tailwind CSS to quickly add style
  • Built to be customizable
  • Starter template to create a lightning fast static website
  • Light and dark mode

11. Maizzle

  • Framework for email prototyping
  • Uses Tailwind CSS to prototype HTML emails just by adding classes to your markup
  • Can generate clean HTML with email-specific optimizations
  • Can recreate your own HTML and style with Tailwind utility classes

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