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Are you searching for the best Facebook feed plugins for your website? Adding one (or more) of these plugins to your website lets connect with your audience at a much deeper level and attract more traffic.

In this article, we’ve picked a variety of the best free and paid Facebook feed plugins that you can get started with today.

1. Flow-Flow (Freemium)

flow-flow facebook feed plugin

With Flow-Flow, you can display your Facebook feed on your blog with beautiful and responsive walls or galleries. It integrates well with almost all social networks and has a well-designed API integration and smart caching. This means fast load times on any page with social streams embedded.

Once you’ve got the plugin, it’s extremely easy to set up. The admin panel is intuitive and you can even see changes take place with a live preview. The Flow-Flow plugin also comes with a bunch of great features. Let’s take a look.

Flow-Flow Key Features 

  • Includes a user-friendly interface, no coding required
  • Allows lots of customization options on design and behavior
  • Integrates easily with your theme
  • Includes sharing buttons so your audience can share with their audience
  • Uses filters to moderate content and block spammers and hateful comments
  • Displays images in a lightbox for eye-catching animations with smart media preloading

Flow-Flow has a free version and a paid version. The paid version costs a one-time fee of $36. Although the free version offers a lot, here are some essential features you’ll get with the paid version:

  • 13 + WordPress posts & RSS as opposed to 4 with the free version
  • Unlimited content filtering
  • Lightbox galleries
  • Sorting and search bar
  • Fast premium support

2. Facebook SpiderLink (Paid)

spiderlink plugin

Want to create a spike in likes, views and comments your Facebook posts? You’ve found the right plugin!

Facebook SpiderLink will create content blocks on your posts so users can only see the content if they like or comment on it.

It’s a pretty handy plugin if you’re looking to create more engagement with your audience, but it could also scare visitors away. Many times visitors will be turned off when they need to do something before unlocking content. Having said that, don’t use this Facebook feed plugin too often and only use it when the content is worth it.

Using SpiderLink is also a great way to use social proof on your website and posts. If users see that other people are engaging, they’ll feel more tempted to join in.

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Facebook SpiderLink Key Features

  • Adds information to the database while users are commenting and liking
  • Allows easy set up on any Facebook page
  • Lets you use it on multiple pages with one Facebook account
  • Lets you use this plugin with the Facebook Messenger or Bulksender plugin to expand your customer base
  • Provides dedicated customer support

With Facebook SpiderLink, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $49.

3. Facebook Messenger Widget (Paid)

facebook messenger

The Facebook Messenger plugin lets you stay in contact and never miss a potential customer. You can add the chat to any page you want in your blog, and connect it to your actual Facebook chat.

This Facebook feed widget works like a chatbot. Users can ask questions at any time and wait for a response. However, the response will be coming from you or your team instead of a bot.

Did you know 82% of people expect a reply almost instantly? Because of this, make sure you’re quick to reply!

Facebook Messenger Key Features 

  • Lets you control where the chat icon appears with 4 pre-set positions or choose your own position
  • Allows you to write custom greetings messages for users
  • Includes customization of theme color to match your website’s theme
  • Lets you open or close the chat window so it’s not blocking anything on your page

The Facebook Messenger widget has a one-time fee of $25 for the regular license with 6 months worth of support and updates. If you want 12 months of support and updates, you can pay $7.50 extra.

4. Yoast SEO (Freemium)

yoast facebook feed plugin

Ready to publish your blog post? Wait! There’s one last step you can take to rank higher in search engines.

Apart from helping you stay on top of your competition by showing you SEO best practices, Yoast SEO will also help you with your social media SEO. For example, you can use it to fix incorrect Facebook thumbnail issues and add Facebook Open Graph meta tags.

And, you have a much better chance at ranking when search engines can crawl the social media profiles associated with your website.

Yoast SEO Key Features

  • Offers tons of resources and information on how to fix SEO errors
  • Gives you full control over your site’s breadcrumbs
  • Includes tips to boost Facebook SEO before posting each piece of content
  • Includes internal linking suggestions

The features listed above are from the free version. They will get the job done and help improve your SEO. However, the paid version ($89) will give you social previews. This means you’ll be able to see how your content will appear on Facebook before hitting the publish button.

5. WP2Social Auto Publish (Free)

wp2 facebook feed plugin

WP2Social Auto Publish is a simple plugin that lets you automatically publish posts to your Facebook account from your blog. It’s handy because it saves you the time of going in and publishing your posts manually every time.

And for such a simple tool, you might not imagine it comes with this many features.

WP2Social Auto Publish Key Features

  • Creates posts with customizable text options, images, and links
  • Allows you to post on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Filters your posting based on post types and categories
  • Allows you to see your publishing history
  • Lets you enable or disable WordPress publishing

The best part of WP2Social is that it’s completely free!

6. Pixel Cat (Free)

pixel cat

Want to know if your Facebook posts are generating leads? How about your Facebook Ads? Pixel Cat will add Facebook Pixel to your website so you can track Facebook conversions.

By tracking conversions, you can see what’s working best and create powerful retargeting posts or ad campaigns for your audience, depending on where you’re getting the most traffic from.

This tool is definitely valuable for marketers who use Facebook heavily for growing their site and attracting new customers through ads and posts.

Pixel Cat Key Features

  • Allows you to run better ads by seeing conversions
  • Sets events with an easy point and click builder
  • Includes user-friendliness with no coding required
  • Segments visitors by pages viewed
  • Excludes certain WordPress users levels like admins, editors, and contributors
  • Lets you customize Facebook event parameters so you can track ROI

For its features and the usefulness it serves, Pixel Cat is another awesome plugin that’s free.

7. Facebook Content Locker (Paid)

facebook locker

Have you ever been sent a link that you’re dying to see only to be asked to sign in to your Facebook before accessing the content? This is pretty common, and it’s a sneaky way for marketers to snag your information.

Facebook Content Locker will block content, making people sign into their Facebook accounts first, then store the users’ emails and information in a database.

This Facebook feed plugin will especially come in handy if your goal is to grow your email list.

Facebook Content Locker Key Features

  • Locks any content on your pages and posts including videos, images, links, and posts
  • Locks an unlimited amount of content
  • Exports users data as CSV format
  • Lets you customize the titles and messages on locked content
  • Allows you to force visitors to share content on their Facebook pages before unlocking it
  • Supports shortcode

Facebook content locker costs $16 for a regular license that gives 6 months of support, updates, and quality checks. You can extend to a 12-month license for an extra $4.13.

8. Facebook Events Calendar (Paid)

facebook calendar facebook feed plugins

Like the idea of having all your events displayed on a calendar? With the Facebook Events Calendar, display all of your Facebook events on a calendar right on your website. Plus, your users can see it, too, so they are kept in the loop on what’s going on.

You can choose to put the calendar in a sidebar via a widget with the compact layout or put it into a page or post via shortcode.

Facebook Events Calendar Key Features

  • Gives you the option to view in calendar layout or list
  • Has an easy user interface
  • Gives you the option to use as a widget or a shortcode
  • Lets you chose compact or full layout

Facebook Events Calendar costs $20 for the regular license that covers 6 months of updates, quality checks, and support. If you’d like to extend to 12 months, you can pay an extra $5.63.

9. Shared Counts (Free)

shared counts facebook feed plugin

Every blog needs social sharing buttons. It can increase your brand awareness, improve customer experience, and influence SEO benefits by creating organic traffic.

Shared Counts is the Facebook feed plugin that allows you to put the Facebook sharing button on your blog, along with other social media platform buttons, too.

Shared Counts Key Features

  • Allows you to customize everything with filters
  • Includes speedy loading time with the dynamic caching system
  • Includes a lean code, leading to faster loading
  • Allows for HTTP and HTTPS share counts so you don’t lose counts when changing URL
  • Gives you the choice between multiple style options

Shared Counts is a handy plugin that won’t cost you a dime.

10. Facebook Reviews (Freemium)

facebook reviews

Looking for more ways to incorporate social proof on your blog? You’ve come across the right plugin!

Facebook Reviews lets you display your Facebook pages’ reviews on your blog. This is an excellent way to show organic traffic reviews to build customer trust.

The plugin will be displayed as a sidebar widget so that it looks elegant and fits in well with your website.

Facebook Reviews Key Features

  • Supports shortcode
  • Allows you to trim long reviews with a “read more” link
  • Has a zero load time with fast cache

The features mentioned above come with the free version of this plugin. But if you’d like a little more features, you can pay $85 for the Business version which will give you these extra features:

  • Merge reviews from different platforms like Facebook, Google, and Yelp
  • Slider and grid themes to show testimonials
  • Facebook Trust Badge
  • Button to write a review so customers can write a review directly on your website
  • Filter to include and exclude words

Using OptinMonster With Facebook Pixel

Did you know you can set up your OptinMonster conversions to trigger a Facebook Pixel on your site with OptinMonster’s JavaScript Events API? That’s right! And it can be done in just a few easy steps.

Once it’s added, every time your optin is successfully submitted, the Facebook script will run and the event will be tracked by the Facebook Pixel. But you can customize a Facebook standard event to track anything you want like when a campaign is closed, when it first shows up, and more.

Are you ready to set up Facebook Pixel with OptinMonster? This guide to Facebook retargeting ads will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Now that you know of all the best Facebook feed plugins on the market, get out there and try some of them (or all of them)! These plugins surely count as one of those “little details” that can go a long way for your business.

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